Although there are many who would not dare admit, males need some form of physical pampering too. Among the many items they need is a shaving kit for men. Most kits consist only of a foam can and a blade. However, to obtain a perfect aftershave, one may just need more than just these. Hence, others consider getting additional items such as pre-shave oils, brushes and aftershave creams.

Many of the items contained in kits can be bought in packages. However, there is always the option of purchasing the items separately and arranging them inside kits by yourself. Shaving essentials can turn out unexpectedly more in number. Men may feel like they are getting ready for some special show with all the creams and oils stocked in their cabinets. However, the benefits entailed in keeping a complete kit will well be worth it.

Pre-shave products are among the essentials that men have to keep in their kits. Prior to shaving, it is recommended that exfoliating scrubs and warm water be used to facilitate the opening of pores. Ideally, people shower before getting parts of their bodies shaved. However, simply wrapping the skin surface with a warm towel for a couple of minutes will also work. Whichever method will be employed, the main aim is to get the skin warm and supple.

Oils are another essential for the grooming process. Many even consider these items as must-haves. Making use of these substances will help soften the facial hair on the skin surface. Furthermore, they can also facilitate the opening of skin pores which is essential for ensuring a close shave.

Among the best oils for pre-shave are natural oils. Many prefer getting the coconut, olive, sunflower and other oils that are drawn from various plants. Natural oils are different from mineral oils in that they are very low on grease factor. This means they are less likely to clog pores or cause some skin damage. Oils with antibacterial agents will be very good options as well, since they can help in guarding painful cuts and breakouts.

Those who wish to make use of electric shavers will be better off using blade oils. These substances can bring about better outcome, especially when the surface to be shaved is the face. By just putting a blob of oil right on the blade, the shaver can bring out a more favorable result with the hair protected from being ripped off.

Among the many skin oils that men make use of are Jack Black and Lectric Shave. These are especially formulated to be used on electric shavers. The substances can make hairs stand up, making a smooth shave possible. They can also create sleek surfaces for shavers to easily glide across.

Kits should also be equipped with shave powders. There exists several types of these substances. Depilatory powders are what most black men make use of to avoid getting ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Another kind of powder is one used for electric shavers. This type works just like shaving oils. They can soften and fluff up the hair.

Lathers are other essentials in a shaving kit for men. Shaving foams and creams can soften the whiskers, just like oils. However, these can also lubricate and moisturize the skin. Shaving soaps are the more classic options. They need to be mixed inside a bowl or a cup and then applied with the use of a brush. Some make use of gels as well since these can maximize the glide of razors.


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