Whatever motivation brings you to Missouri, there are plenty of reasons to stop by the Gateway City and take in the sights for a few days. Live theater, art and culture, historical sights and the Cardinals are only a handful of reasons to give top priority on your list. Before you call it a day, you can even stop by a traditional barber shop in St. Louis to experience a little old world style with a traditional classic shave.

Why put a Shave on the list?

Have you actually ever been inside the Gateway Arch? While it is pretty spectacular to see 30 miles on a clear day at the top of this 630-foot-tall wonder, returning to life in the 1800’s isn’t exactly comforting when you’re crammed into a tiny ‘pod’ with three foreign hitchhikers taking a break from their three month American excursion. While the pod creaks and clicks its way to the top, you have plenty of time to ponder the last words the attendant spoke as he closed the door, “Don’t worry, this system has been working like clockwork since it was put in place in the 1970’s!” Do yourself a favor, come back to St. Louis and see the sights with the kids another time. For tonight, it’s time to see St. Louis the way Lewis and Clark preferred to- like a man. That includes starting the afternoon with a traditional shave from an English style barbershop.

The Master Barber

Unless you’ve actually had a traditional hot shave it’s difficult to fully describe the difference when compared with shaving at home. These masculine barbershops offer high-end services that include a straight razor shave and complete skin treatments. You can get your mustache trimmed; your goatee reshaped and even gets your head cleanly shaven. While these services can be offered at any local salon, it is the Master Barber that makes the experience worthwhile. Their extensive knowledge of the fine art of shaving is formed over years of preparation, apprenticeship and training. Their skill is legendary and from the moment you sit in the chair, you will feel connected to the brotherhood of shaving like never before. Your grandfather’s grandfather will stand and clap from the other side as your barber applies the kind of lather that makes a man proud to be called man. You’ll be eyeing a new straight razor in the retail shop from underneath your hot towel.

Manly Sights

Now that you have a manly face, shaved by a manly barber shop in St. Louis, it’s time to put it to some good use. Book a tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and see some real history that includes words like, “beech wood aging” and “Clydesdale stable.” Once you’ve finished with the hospitality room, it’s time to head over to a Cardinals or Rams game. After the game, grab a cab to one of the casinos or downtown for some live music. With many options available, there’s little reason to spend your time discussing youth hostels with foreign hitchhikers.

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