Now more than ever before, a bright, white smile is a highly valued physical feature. A couple of decades ago nobody thought twice about the color of their teeth, but thanks to advancing technology and Photoshop, it’s become somewhat of a national obsession. Fortunately, the obsession correlates directly to the availability of whitening products. No longer solely the domain of your dentist in Austin, TX, these goods can be obtained in virtually every drugstore, supermarket and big box store in the country.

The Evolution of Whitening

It used to be true that if you wanted noticeable and real results, you went directly to your trusted DDS, who could offer you custom trays and gel, laser procedures, or more drastic options like veneers. These cosmetic dental procedures were pricey and usually not covered by insurance. Toothpastes and other products that claimed to be whitening gave negligible benefits at best. Truly pearly white were the domain of the privileged and the envy of the rest. Things have changed, though. The manufacturers of oral care products realized that a lot of people wanted whiter teeth that could not afford or were not willing to pay for professional procedures. It dawned on them that they were sitting on a potential gold mine and they got to work on new formulas and new methods of delivering those formulas. Before long, the market was flooded with truly effective wares for home use. Toothpaste really could diminish coffee stains. Mouthwash could brighten your smile. Adhesive strips delivered whitening power comparable to professional results. Today you can walk into pretty much any store that sells hygiene products and walk out armed with the ability to take your teeth a few shades closer to blindingly white.

Going Back to Nature

As these options became increasingly popular, some people became concerned about the unknown effects they might have and the increased sensitivity some people experienced, so they began investigating simpler, more natural ways to get a glistening smile. Some turned to their medicine cabinets and discovered that things like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda could be an alternative means to the same end, and shouted their findings from the internet’s rooftops. Lemons and baking soda became another popular combination for removing stains from teeth.


If you have extensive staining or are looking for the fastest possible results, your best bet will still be found in the chair of a dentist in Austin, TX. As far as the home-use products have come, professionals still have access to stronger formulations and the most cutting-edge technology.

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