Taking care of your skin goes far above and beyond regular visits to the dermatologist in San Antonio. It seems that most people do not even visit the dermatologist until they have a skin problem they are concerned about. People will see a dermatologist when they have excessive acne, redness, or fine lines and wrinkles, but people often forget how important appropriate skin care is to help keep you from experiencing these problems in the first place.

Regular Exfoliation

Another basic skin care tip that can do wonders for your skin is to exfoliate regularly. Most dermatologists will recommend daily exfoliation. Daily exfoliation of your skin will keep your skin looking brighter and healthier by removing the dead skin cells and leaving the live, healthy cells. In addition, it clears the pores and cleans them of dirt or grime, which makes them more light sensitive and allows them to absorb creams that a dermatologist might prescribe to solve skin care problems.

Even Skin Tone Means Healthier Skin

You should avoid those things that will make your skin tone less even. For example, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, either by spending too much time in the sun or a tanning bed is going to create uneven skin spots such as dark spots on the surface of your skin. These spots will get more and more pronounced as you get older. You should also note that these problems are not always immediately visible. Many problems with the skin may be hidden under the surface of the skin and become manifest later on in life. These spots on the surface or under the surface of the skin may also be caused by hormonal changes, which explains why many women experience skin problems when they become pregnant or enter menopause.

Sleeping the Right Way

One of the best things that you can do for your skin does not come in a bottle. In fact, it is not even a product that you can buy at all. One of the best things you can do for your skin has everything to do with how you sleep. It has been proven that sleeping on your back causes smoother skin whereas sleeping on your side or on your stomach may slowly etch lines and wrinkles into your face over time. This problem increases as you age and your skin loses the natural elasticity that it had when you were younger. When you have questions about your skin and are seeking suggestions for ways to take care of it, you should see a dermatologist in San Antonio who can give you some good advice.

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