The modern style of daily shaving is pretty simple and hurried; get in the shower, drag a multi-bladed disposable razor across the skin a few times to get rid of the hairs with only hot water to keep the blade from slicing the skin, then finish the rest of the shower and towel off. Quick, simple, and potentially a problem; long gone are the days where shaving was a matter of pride, where men whipped up their shaving soap in a shaving bowl with a badger brush and used a knife they cared for themselves to remove the hair from their face. Modern men often cannot be bothered to use canned cream in the shower, however, let alone whip it themselves.

Whether in the Shower or at the Mirror

Many men choose a simple, clean shave with maybe a little embellishment around the sideburns or upper lip, perhaps, but otherwise, a clean shave. Some men do still take time to shave in front of a mirror, using the glass to make sure they only cut the hairs they intend to remove. This shaving still takes just a razor and a mirror and a little hot water; it is still often done without shaving cream. However, if shaving in the mirror is what a man needs to do to get his perfect look, then this is also the time when he should definitely be whipping up cream in a shaving bowl and applying it to his beard and skin before shaving!

Hot Water is the Minimum

Shaving in the shower has the advantage of the skin staying easily wet; the water adds a little protection against the blade catching the skin and cutting it. However, standing in front of a mirror and wetting the blade in the water does not provide the same protection. Hot running water on the cheeks also softens the beard so a blade can easily cut through and remove it. Standing at the sink with drying skin and hair often makes the hairs flat and difficult to cut. Shaving cream lifts the hairs of the face even better than hot water, and so a man shaving at the mirror would find his shaving going smoother and better with shaving cream.

Always Better with Cream

Not every man is going to want to learn how to use a badger brush and a shaving bowl to whip up cream or soap to help him get a closer shave with smoother skin. However, even the canned shaving cream has many benefits when it comes to shaving. Even if it is not made with the finest blends of essential oils and Shea butter to keep the skin soft and irritation free before and after every shave, it protects the skin from cuts and nicks and razor burn, and it softens the beard so the razor can more easily cut through it. Even for the man who likes to take as little time as possible removing all the hair from his face, shaving cream will simply make it faster because he will have to make fewer passes over his skin with a blade.

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