When thinking of physical therapy, most people think that this type of medicine is only for those that have trouble walking or who have been injured while playing a sport. While physical therapy can be used to help people in both of these categories, there is a whole range of different specializations that physical therapists can be trained in. A Physical therapist can be specialized in taking care of athletes and sports related injuries, helping children with developmental issues, or even helping the elderly who have debilitating diseases. Even a small local Columbus physical therapy office will have therapists who specialize in different fields and who can help a wide variety of patients. Here are a few of the different specializations within physical therapy that were mentioned earlier.

Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on helping children who have a broad range of disorders and diseases that may impair their ability to move. These problems can range from being developmental issues to extremely painful skeletal disorders. A pediatric physical therapist will be able to help these children with their basic motor skills, balance, and strength. Even children who have no apparent problems can benefit from seeing a physical therapist since early health issues can be detected and treated before they become more serious.

Geriatric Therapy

Geriatric physical therapy helps people as they go through the normal aging process, especially the elderly. Aging can bring on a variety of problems and diseases that can make even the most common tasks extremely painful. Problems that can necessitate a visit to a physical therapist could be arthritis, cancer, balance disorders, or even simply the fact of having received surgery. A geriatric physical therapist will be able to help their patients find methods to overcome their pain and strengthen their body.

Sports Therapy

One of the most well known specializations within physical therapy, sports physical therapy helps athletes to overcome injuries and pain so that they can perform at the peak of their physical level. While these therapists are often only seen when injured, many serious athletes will constantly visit a therapist, even when healthy, in order to maintain their physical condition and to help prevent injury. The jobs within this sort of therapy also vary widely, from working in your local Columbus physical therapy office to working with a team of professional athletes. There are different specializations within physical therapy so that you will always have help when a problem occurs that might impair your movement and cause you pain.

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