Quick cuts and express clips have bumped the traditional barber from his role as the go-to for men’s haircuts. The world has become so fast paced that people rarely have time for extravagance and, as a result, barber shops have mostly been forgotten. But men, you should reconsider. A barber in Pleasanton will give you more than just a great haircut, they can give you the masculine confidence you need to face the day.

What’s the Difference?

There is one main difference between the men’s barber and the people working in a chain salon. Most people working in a salon are trained cosmetologists. Cosmetologists are trained to use scissors and mostly deal with women’s hair and focus a great deal on styling. A barber on the other hand, uses clippers. While this might not seem like a huge distinction, it is. Barbers are trained with a tool (clippers) that work especially well for styles men want. They are like surgeons for the hair, expertly carving and cutting works of art with their instrument.

Besides the expert use of clippers, barbers also provide services specifically catered towards men. Most notably, they offer straight razor shaves. Think of the straight razor shave as the man’s facial. Where women like to exfoliate, hydrate and tighten their skin, men seek a close shave that leaves them feeling clean, virile and ready to take on a manly world.

A traditional barber can also offer other man-specific treatments such as mustache trimming and sculpting, coloring gray hairs on the head or face, nose and ear waxing (for those wild strands you can’t quite tame), and, of course, a man’s overall hair styling.

Not Just a Cut

A barber in Pleasanton doesn’t just offer you a quick cut and turn you loose like most chain salons. Rather, the men’s barber is a place where a man can be treated to his specific needs and do so in the company of his peers. It’s not just a cut, it’s a bonding experience. Life is getting more and more chaotic each year. Having a place to unwind and cut loose is a valuable opportunity. So if you are looking for a place to not only get a great haircut that works specifically for your lifestyle and comes from a knowledgeable expert, but a place to unwind with the guys and talk about sports, food, or anything else, a traditional barber is right for you.

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