Men, are you looking for an even closer shave? Do you like it when your shave leaves you as fresh and clean as possible? Then straight razors might just be the thing for you. You can either get a professional barber to shave you in style, or buy a razor for use at home; either way, be prepared for the best shave of your life.

Why Use an Open Razor?

Open razor blades have surged in popularity in recent years, because many men believe that they can give you the closest possible shave. As a cutthroat razor can be manually sharpened at the beginning and throughout the shaving process, it enables you or your barber to get the sharpness and precision needed to cut your hair really close.If you’re new to the idea of open razor shaving, it might be best to go to a barber for your first couple of shaves to see how they strop and sharpen the razor. Stropping your open razor is one of the most important parts of the cutthroat razor shaving process, and it is imperative to do some research on the best razor stropping methods as well as consulting a professional. Your local barber will be able to best advise you on how to strop your razor, and what you should look for in a razor blade. In addition to a close shave, having control over the sharpness of your razor can help you to have more control over your shave. While open razor shaving can be more time consuming than shaving with a safety razor, once you master the skills you will become proficient enough to shave reasonably quickly.

The Other Shaving Tools You Need

In addition to purchasing straight razors, in order to improve the quality of your shave you should also consider investing in a shave bowl and brush, and a good quality aftershave. A shave bowl allows you to dip your shaving brush into shaving cream, and a shaving brush is a general shaving aid, as the bristles lift trapped hair, making it easier for the razor to catch them as it glides over your skin. While open-razor shaving might seem like a considerable time investment, many men swear by the process and learn to master the skills. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing your own, or going to a barber, be ready for the shave of your life.

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