Regular visits to the dentist are crucial for optimum oral health. If you are looking for a new dentist due to a recent move, or just because you have not been to see a dentist in a while, click here for some of the different pieces of information you will want to collect from each potential dentist.

Provides Dental Instruction and Education

It may be beneficial to you to have a dentist who provides you with dental education while he or she takes care of your teeth. If you go in to see the dentist, for example, and he tells you that you need to have several cavities filled, but does not tell you how to prevent cavities in the future, this may not be the best dentist for you. A good dentist will provide tips for preventing common dental problems that may arise because of inadequate education.

Ask About Afterhours Services

Unfortunately, there may be times that you need to see a dentist and cannot wait until the next available appointment to see someone. When you are looking for dentists in your area, ask your potential dentists whether there is another dentist on call or other alternatives in case of an afterhour’s emergency. Many dentists will have a colleague or other service available to you if you need a dentist outside of his or her regular office hours.

Payment Arrangements and Additional Fees

Before you go and see the dentist, you should ask what payment arrangements may be made for potentially expensive treatments and procedures. It is not enough with all the insurance plans that are available out there to just assume that your dental care is covered. You should have at least a basic understanding of what your insurance covers and any fees that the dentist may charge outside of normal insurance coverage.

Trust Your Gut

Above all, you need to make sure that you feel very comfortable with the dentist you select to provide you and your family with dental care. If you feel rushed when talking to the dentist and asking your questions, or if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable at all, perhaps consider a different dentist with whom you feel more comfortable asking your questions. If you are unable to ask them honest questions before you are a patient, you are not likely to feel any more comfortable while in the dentist chair. Click here for more tips on finding a good dentist in your area.


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