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Most people don’t have the funds to visit an expensive salon or spa regularly. In fact, many never even go. Luckily, there are some like the HairVenture Salon and Spa that are affordable enough to visit rather frequently. If you have never been to a spa, though, it would be good to know what you should expect. While every spa will differ in their own ways, there are some similarities you can get familiar with.


A Good Greeting


Spas generally never take people in for services the moment they arrive. Typically, you will be greeted warmly, asked to have a seat, and a beverage of some sort will be offered. The beverage is complementary, so no reason to decline it. Grab a magazine and make yourself comfortable. They will come get you when they are ready for you.


Lots of Conversation


The only time the staff will not be chatty with you is possibly while you are receiving a relaxing massage. Some therapists don’t know whether they should remain silent or strike up a conversation. They consider it a kindness when you let them know what you prefer. Most are not offended either way. It’s just nice for them to know what you would prefer on all counts.


Payment after Services


If you have a coupon or a gift certificate, it’s good to let them know when you make the appointment. It’s also nice to ask them if they would like to be reminded when you come in for services. You will not be asked for payment until after the services have been rendered. Some people prefer to pay for their HairVenture Salon and Spa experience prior to receiving services and if that’s the case for you, just ask. A tip is always expected, so be sure to bring extra for that. Otherwise, you should have nothing to worry about and a pleasant experience overall.


If you were to walk up and down the street in your neighborhood or go door-to-door in your apartment complex, and asked your neighbors if they are working at a job they love, what do you think the answers would be? How many people do you think are on a career path they feel passionate about? It is probably safe to say the majority of the population is doing a work that does not light them up. There are many people who are happy with their jobs, but there seems to be a belief that you have to put in your time for twenty or thirty years and then you can spend the remainder of your days in retirement, hopefully with enough health and passion in your bones to begin doing the things you truly love. If you want to get started on a career you can love, you might want to consider the wonderful world of cosmetology. PJ’s Cosmetology career placement staff will help you get a good job once you have completed your education, and you will be able to get to work beautifying the masses with your mad skills as soon as possible.

Whether your passion lies in hair styling, makeup artistry, or nail design, you are sure to find a niche where you are comfortable and fulfilled. It is important for you to know that you can make a big difference in the lives of everyone who sits in your chair. You can help people walk out into the world with a newfound love of self and a confidence they did not have when they walked through the doors of your studio. People are looking for something to bring them joy and for ways to feel better. When they come to see you, they are looking for a little pampering and they are showing themselves love and self-care. You get to be the person to help them on their journey to feeling good, and there is nothing more satisfying than that. You are living proof that work and happiness can go hand in hand.

People love to feel validated, so no matter what state they are in when they arrive, it is your job to build them up and bring out the very best in their physical and inner beauty and appeal. You can invite people in for a job interview makeover. This means you can offer discounts to people looking for work. One of the most difficult times in life is when you are out of work and feeling down about yourself. Your passion to light people up from the inside out will prepare them for the workforce and give them a better chance at success. You will always be grateful for the PJ’s Cosmetology career placement staff for their love and efforts in helping you land your ultimate dream job.


Longing for Classics

Civilized life can take away a lot of the fun toys people, especially men, like to play with. Big guns, fast cars and beautiful blades of fine, folded steel, all of these things are limited for the safety of people; safety is the first concern of any civilization, and anyone with children running around. Even shaving tools have been made less dangerous, which is probably good since razor blades are used on the neck and face; the money maker of a man should be handled with care and safety. Even so, sometimes it would be nice to see a few more masculine habits and hobbies from a more classical age.

So Much Missing

Barber shops were once a place that men could go to get more than a bowl cut or a buzz cut; they used to be places where men’s hair, head and facial, were sculpted like art to lend to their own personal presence. Men might know how to shave themselves, they may not, since shaving required a straight razor, attention to detail and a delicate touch, but it was still a gentlemanly thing to do to go to a barber shop for a professional style. Continue reading

You see it in classic movies all the time. A man sits down in a barber’s chair. The barber wraps a steaming towel around the customer’s face and then sharpens his razor on a leather strap. He then begins to give the gentlemen an old-fashioned shave using a shave brush, a mug, and all the old-fashioned tools. But you might wonder why we don’t shave like that any more. Even though many shaving products have improved, the actual shaving experience has become more tedious and less comfortable. If you long for days past when a shave was an experience, here are a few tips to help you complete your own traditional shave like you might get at the best Bellevue barber. Start by getting the right tools: a towel, a shaving brush, a straight razor, shaving foam, and a bowl. Continue reading

Many people struggle with their weight loss in Natick, MA, as well as all around the U.S., but there are ways to take control. From personal health coaches to exercise and eating regimens, small steps tend to be the best medicine. Make your goals a reality by following some simple weight loss tips. See if you can’t slowly regain control over your body and mind, leading to a new you by the New Year.

Small Changes Are Practical

The last thing you want to do is to get on a fad diet that will work for a month and end up making you gain more than before the diet. This is one of the most popular forms of diet and has many health risks attached to it. Small changes throughout your day can be the best way to go. Continue reading

You are a creative person.  Other people’s fingernails and toenails have always fascinated you.  But their hair, oh their beautiful hair, is something you dream about.  All your family and friends have encouraged you to check into beauty schools and so you did.  Your parents even said they would pay for beauty school and you just couldn’t say no to their generosity.  After researching the Louisville beauty schools close to you there was one that stood out and you enrolled.

School Credentials and Reputation

The school you choose is accredited, which made you feel better about the curriculum and gave you confidence that they were Continue reading

As time has progressed, the value of looking youthful has been ever increasing in society.  The art of aging gracefully has been diminished and no one wants to have a face lined with age and experience.  There are many things you can do to keep yourself looking youthful including teeth whitening, coloring gray hair, dressing youthful, and of course there are medical procedures available to one and all.  A popular option is going to a dermatologist for Botox in Coral Springs.  This medical procedure is safe and effective.  The other surprising thing is that it doesn’t just treat wrinkles.


Many people don’t understand the science behind the procedure.  It sounds a little scary, but it actually is extremely safe and well Continue reading

All after shave lotions are not created equal. Some may say they will help build new skin cells or treat razor burn but the best after shave lotion will be made with ocean kelp. Ocean kelp can help generate new skin cells, help keep your skin firm and younger looking, and hydrate for protection against breakouts and environmental stressors.

Skin Regeneration

You may wonder why you should care about skin regeneration after you shave. The average male will not only take his beard off with the razor, he’ll remove the top layer of skin whether it’s ready or not. Continue reading

Regular visits to the dentist are crucial for optimum oral health. If you are looking for a new dentist due to a recent move, or just because you have not been to see a dentist in a while, click here for some of the different pieces of information you will want to collect from each potential dentist.

Provides Dental Instruction and Education

It may be beneficial to you to have a dentist who provides you with dental education while he or she takes care of your teeth. If you go in to see the dentist, for example, and he tells you that you need to have several cavities filled, but does not tell you how to prevent cavities in the future, this may not be the best dentist for you. A good dentist will provide tips for preventing common dental problems that may arise because of inadequate education. Continue reading

Many people who are trying to lose weight become frustrated and discouraged because they feel that if they just had enough willpower, they could eat less and get rid of excess weight. Weight loss in Yuba, however, is about more than just willpower. It involves making plans and setting the stage so that when those moments of temptation happen, you have a plan in place and a system of support.

Losing weight can be an important step toward a healthier, more fulfilling life and when you are ready to take this step, there are some strategies you can use to make sure that you are not setting yourself up to fail. Continue reading