You see it in classic movies all the time. A man sits down in a barber’s chair. The barber wraps a steaming towel around the customer’s face and then sharpens his razor on a leather strap. He then begins to give the gentlemen an old-fashioned shave using a shave brush, a mug, and all the old-fashioned tools. But you might wonder why we don’t shave like that any more. Even though many shaving products have improved, the actual shaving experience has become more tedious and less comfortable. If you long for days past when a shave was an experience, here are a few tips to help you complete your own traditional shave like you might get at the best Bellevue barber. Start by getting the right tools: a towel, a shaving brush, a straight razor, shaving foam, and a bowl. Continue reading

Before the profession of the Oak Brook barber landed where it is today, the term “barber” encompassed many unusual and surprising tasks. The earliest records of this profession show that barbers have accomplished what modern day doctors, surgeons, and dentists undertake. In addition to this, they played key roles in hygiene and fashion throughout the years. The following elaborates a brief history of where the barber has been.

Earliest Barbers

The earliest record of the barber shows that they often served as medicine men and priests of their respective tribes. The people of these tribes believed that evil spirits could enter their bodies through their hair. When the tribe’s barber performed marriage and baptism ceremonies, he would cut off the peoples’ hair in order to rid them of these evil spirits. It was in this way that barbers were some of the most important members of their tribes. Continue reading

Quick cuts and express clips have bumped the traditional barber from his role as the go-to for men’s haircuts. The world has become so fast paced that people rarely have time for extravagance and, as a result, barber shops have mostly been forgotten. But men, you should reconsider. A barber in Pleasanton will give you more than just a great haircut, they can give you the masculine confidence you need to face the day.

What’s the Difference?

There is one main difference between the men’s barber and the people working in a chain salon. Most people working in a salon are trained cosmetologists. Continue reading

Whatever motivation brings you to Missouri, there are plenty of reasons to stop by the Gateway City and take in the sights for a few days. Live theater, art and culture, historical sights and the Cardinals are only a handful of reasons to give top priority on your list. Before you call it a day, you can even stop by a traditional barber shop in St. Louis to experience a little old world style with a traditional classic shave.

Why put a Shave on the list?

Have you actually ever been inside the Gateway Arch? While it is pretty spectacular to see 30 miles on a clear day at the top of this 630-foot-tall wonder, returning to life in the 1800’s isn’t exactly comforting when you’re crammed into a tiny ‘pod’ with three foreign hitchhikers taking a break from their three month American excursion. While the pod creaks and clicks its way to the top, you have plenty of time to ponder the last words the attendant spoke as he closed the door, “Don’t worry, this system has been working like clockwork since it was put in place in the 1970’s!” Do yourself a favor, come back to St. Louis and see the sights with the kids another time. For tonight, it’s time to see St. Louis the way Lewis and Clark preferred to- like a man. That includes starting the afternoon with a traditional shave from an English style barbershop. Continue reading

Any man out there will appreciate the services of professional barber. For a very long time, they have been mistaken for low end people and the profession has not been given the authority it deserves. But the best troy barber is there to change that mind set. If you are looking to have a career as a professional barber, here is what you need to do. The steps have been outlined for you.

As much as some of these steps may seem very hard, you should not fear or feel intimidated. This profession has grown in the recent past and there is so much about it that has changed. In fact, there are shops all over and both men and women are looking to join this lucrative industry. Besides, hair grows everyday and people who want to look smart will always be waiting by your doorstep. Continue reading