Longing for Classics

Civilized life can take away a lot of the fun toys people, especially men, like to play with. Big guns, fast cars and beautiful blades of fine, folded steel, all of these things are limited for the safety of people; safety is the first concern of any civilization, and anyone with children running around. Even shaving tools have been made less dangerous, which is probably good since razor blades are used on the neck and face; the money maker of a man should be handled with care and safety. Even so, sometimes it would be nice to see a few more masculine habits and hobbies from a more classical age.

So Much Missing

Barber shops were once a place that men could go to get more than a bowl cut or a buzz cut; they used to be places where men’s hair, head and facial, were sculpted like art to lend to their own personal presence. Men might know how to shave themselves, they may not, since shaving required a straight razor, attention to detail and a delicate touch, but it was still a gentlemanly thing to do to go to a barber shop for a professional style. Continue reading

You are a creative person.  Other people’s fingernails and toenails have always fascinated you.  But their hair, oh their beautiful hair, is something you dream about.  All your family and friends have encouraged you to check into beauty schools and so you did.  Your parents even said they would pay for beauty school and you just couldn’t say no to their generosity.  After researching the Louisville beauty schools close to you there was one that stood out and you enrolled.

School Credentials and Reputation

The school you choose is accredited, which made you feel better about the curriculum and gave you confidence that they were Continue reading

All after shave lotions are not created equal. Some may say they will help build new skin cells or treat razor burn but the best after shave lotion will be made with ocean kelp. Ocean kelp can help generate new skin cells, help keep your skin firm and younger looking, and hydrate for protection against breakouts and environmental stressors.

Skin Regeneration

You may wonder why you should care about skin regeneration after you shave. The average male will not only take his beard off with the razor, he’ll remove the top layer of skin whether it’s ready or not. Continue reading

Men, are you looking for an even closer shave? Do you like it when your shave leaves you as fresh and clean as possible? Then straight razors might just be the thing for you. You can either get a professional barber to shave you in style, or buy a razor for use at home; either way, be prepared for the best shave of your life.

Why Use an Open Razor?

Open razor blades have surged in popularity in recent years, because many men believe that they can give you the closest possible shave. As a cutthroat razor can be manually sharpened at the beginning and throughout the shaving process, it enables you or your barber to get the sharpness and precision needed to cut your hair really close. Continue reading

Choosing the right type of razor blade for your needs and skin type can be key in creating a great shave. There are different styles that can be purchased for straight razors. The basic anatomy of a razor blade doesn’t change, however the measurements may differ between styles.


The main metal used in the blade is steel. Steel is an alloy of iron with a portion of carbon. The carbon content helps to make steel harder thus allowing the blade to have a sharp edge, but also can cause the metal to break. It’s rare to find steel with only carbon included. Continue reading

The modern style of daily shaving is pretty simple and hurried; get in the shower, drag a multi-bladed disposable razor across the skin a few times to get rid of the hairs with only hot water to keep the blade from slicing the skin, then finish the rest of the shower and towel off. Quick, simple, and potentially a problem; long gone are the days where shaving was a matter of pride, where men whipped up their shaving soap in a shaving bowl with a badger brush and used a knife they cared for themselves to remove the hair from their face. Modern men often cannot be bothered to use canned cream in the shower, however, let alone whip it themselves.

Whether in the Shower or at the Mirror

Many men choose a simple, clean shave with maybe a little embellishment around the sideburns or upper lip, perhaps, but otherwise, a clean shave. Some men do still take time to shave in front of a mirror, using the glass to make sure they only cut the hairs they intend to remove. This shaving still takes just a razor and a mirror and a little hot water; it is still often done without shaving cream. However, if shaving in the mirror is what a man needs to do to get his perfect look, then this is also the time when he should definitely be whipping up cream in a shaving bowl and applying it to his beard and skin before shaving! Continue reading

Like the classic barbershop, the straight razor shave is again gaining popularity, but you don’t have to let another guy hold a razor to your neck in order to need or use an after shave product. Whether you have been using it ever since you got your first few whiskers, or have never used it before, here is everything you need to know about after shave lotion.

What is It?

Aftershave or aftershave lotion, is a product used mainly by men as the last step in their face-shaving routine (the name is kind of self-explanatory). In fact, this product isn’t always technically a lotion, rather it can come as a lotion, powder, balm, or gel. Each product brand manufacturer tries to individualize itself, but basically all after shave products are used for the same thing—for a man to put on his face after he shaves. After shave products should not be confused with Eau de Cologne. Continue reading

Although there are many who would not dare admit, males need some form of physical pampering too. Among the many items they need is a shaving kit for men. Most kits consist only of a foam can and a blade. However, to obtain a perfect aftershave, one may just need more than just these. Hence, others consider getting additional items such as pre-shave oils, brushes and aftershave creams.

Many of the items contained in kits can be bought in packages. However, there is always the option of purchasing the items separately and arranging them inside kits by yourself. Shaving essentials can turn out unexpectedly more in number. Men may feel like they are getting ready for some special show with all the creams and oils stocked in their cabinets. However, the benefits entailed in keeping a complete kit will well be worth it. Continue reading

If you are searching for tips on how to choose a Miami barber shop, the advice put forward below should help you to find an establishment that offers the services you require for a price that you can afford. Looking great is important, of this there is no doubt. By attending a male salon on a regular basis you can ensure that your appearance never lets you down. Continue reading